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About Tahlia Veney

[email protected] | 240-806-8189


As a keen lover of the property market, Tahlia’s goal is to help people fulfill their dreams of owning a home, selling their property, and investing. Tahlia is a licensed Maryland realtor and has been a resident of Maryland for over 23 years. She has gained remarkable experience in sales, administration, and management working for companies of various industries. 

Tahlia is committed to delivering value to every client. As a realtor, she demonstrates a commitment to her field by keeping up-to-date with relevant industry trends and knowledge, leading successful transactions. She brings a genuine passion for working with people. Combined with her professional skills and work ethics, Tahlia loves to see her clients make informed decisions in the property market.

Tahlia is detailed and passionate about her work.Being a realtor is a rewarding experience which she loves to share with everyone. During her free time, she enjoys trying new cuisines, going on adventures, and trying new things. Also, she is a great cat mom of two, making her a reliable housing agent.